Kintsugi Repair Kit

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About Kintsugi Repair Kit from Humade

Humade's kintsugi kit is inspired by the ancient Japanese kintsugi craft. The old and traditional technique is very advanced, but with this set you can try the technique yourself at home. 

  • In the kit you'll find: two component glue, gold or silver powder, a brush, bamboo stearing sticks and gloves, putty to fill up missing bits and pieces and a step by step manual with detailed pictures
  • It can be used on almost any type of hard material such as ceramics, glass, wood, marble or hard plastic 
  • We recommend washing the repaired product by hand
  • Make sure to work in a ventilated environment or near an open window, because the glue might have a strong smell
  • Always read the manual before use

About Kintsugi as a craft

Kintsugi is an traditional Japanese technique where broken ceramics can be put together with golden glue. Basically, the philosophy is all about seeing the beautify in imperfection and take care of one's things.

It is an ancient technique that comes from the wabi-sabi philosophy. By putting together and creating a new whole even more beautiful than before. Beauty is in the imperfect, and the philosophy focuses on this instead of the fact that the ceramics in not in its original state. Thinking like this can lead to human beings celebrating flaws and using them actively in order to understand history. What a lovely thought!

Food safety

  • Since there is not an official food certificate of this product, we recommend only using it for decorative objects
  • The glue in the kit is based on two component epoxy glue, which has for many years been used safely for objects in contact with food
  • It is important that you let it dry for 48 hours so the glue can fully set
  • The content must not surpass 100 degrees celcius
  • Do not put in the microwave or regular oven
  • Read more about glue and contact with food on the website of the food agency